Katie grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia and graduated from VCUarts in 2010 with a BFA in Sculpture + Extended Media. She has lived in Shanghai, Taipei, and a village in Germany. She currently lives in Paris.

Since 2011 she has worked as a freelance and agency graphic designer and art director, and makes art and other things in her spare time.

She bikes everywhere and is a connoisseur of public parks.


Design Work

Katie is an art director and graphic designer who specializes in digging deep with clients and co-creators to reveal what is personally meaningful about their work. She then helps them translate that into a visual identity, digital product, or physical product.

She loves to get hands-on in all the aspects of a project, from conception and initial sketching to designing, prototyping, and building final products.

She also works with Nesem Ertan as Worlds Studio. Together, they help entrepreneurs and leaders build projects that generate meaning and abundance. 


Katie's artwork explores the tension and harmony between binaries: micro versus macrocosmic spaces, organic versus manufactured forms, and technical versus intuitive marks.

She uses mainly ink, graphite, and gouache on paper, but has also created work in textiles, screen printing, digital drawing, wood, laser engraving and Legos.


Mini CV


Graphic Designer & Art Director | Freelance


Brand Visualizer | BSUR Shanghai
Shanghai, China


Full CV


(friends and collaborators)

Nesem ErtanWorlds Studio co-founder
Myriam El Haik: collaborator on pedagogical games and furniture
Jameson Zimmer: idea ping-pong buddy
Olivia Gibian: OG collaborator on UV/AV
Charlotte Hornsby: C-ville homegirl and UV/AV cineaste
Miakoda Gale: C-ville homegirl and UV/AV photographer
Max Dreyer: former bandmate